Explore your Swedish heritage

Explore your Swedish heritage

With a subscription to ArkivDigital, you are only a few clicks away from discovering your Swedish heritage and now there is a handbook for you who research using ArkivDigital. Explore Your Swedish Heritage by Håkan Skogsjö, is a guide that leads you from the first steps of genealogy research to the advanced steps.

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This book tells you how to uncover your Swedish origins and your family history through searching archival sources on the internet—church books, estate inventories, military muster rolls, and other historical documents—how to interpret them and how they can be used in your family research. You do genealogical research directly in the original records. And best of all, the book is written from beginning to end from an ArkivDigital perspective. All case study examples use ArkivDigital showing you the search steps for finding the records.

The book begins by showing you how to search for your nearest family in indexes such as Sweden’s population indexes. Then you continue to the Swedish church book records, estate inventories and then move on to tax records, court records and military rolls. Strong emphasis is placed on explaining the research steps and methodology as well as tips on how to critically evaluate the sources.

Explor your Swedish heritage

Topics that the genealogist will encounter such as naming conventions, feast dates, changes in currency are explained. Also, there are references to other source material as well on tips on how to read the old handwriting.

The table of contents and a detailed index make it easy for you to navigate in the book.

The author Håkan Skogsjö, one of Sweden's most well-known genealogists, has published a number of extensive genealogical studies. He has been the editor of the Federation of Swedish Genealogical Society’s magazine, Släkthistoriskt Forum, also was the editor of the Federation’s Genealogical Yearbook for nearly twenty years and created the association's website Rötter in the 1990s. He is now a board member of ArkivDigital.

The book consists of 190 pages with fully colored illustrations, index and hard-cover bound. 

The book costs 35 USD plus freight when ordering from our American distributor and 47.49 CAD plus freight when ordering from our Canadian distributor.*

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